b. 1986, HK.


Casey Curran

I find myself drawn to the foundation of things, to the root of their cause, or the long cycle of their existence. It’s become a fascination that lies between the very vast and the very small. A yearning to see a system writ into the structure of things, compounding every nuanced surface, every thought and idea. A simple piece of humanity laying somewhere between stars and bones, summoning the great and small triumphs of our innumerable endeavors.

Focusing primarily in sculpture, but not limited to any specific medium, I create kinetic environments with an internal logic and history often propelled by a simple hand crank. I invite the viewer to become a part of the work through participation, animating a tableau of flora and fauna that bloom or flutter to life when activated. When conceiving my pieces I center on a hidden narrative and begin to assign visual elements that aline with the concept of the piece, often utilizing ornate structures and simple construction methods to further highlight my interests in foundation and form. In the process of creating I look for patterns in nature and symmetry in ecosystems. I look for how innovation shapes itself into our ever expanding systems of complexity and knowledge. I create work that attempts to straddle the concepts of chaos, pattern, and emergence. These are the pillars I search for, the thoughtful hands that hold my metaphors.



2006 BFA, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA


2019 Amazon Artist in residence

2014 G.A.P. Grant, Artist Trust, Seattle, WA

2014 City Arts: Fall Art Walk Awards, 1st place

2013 Sculpture Space Residency, Utica, NY

2010 G.A.P. Grant, Artist Trust, Seattle, WA

2010 People Choice Award, SEAF, Seattle, WA

2010 Sculpture Space Residency, Utica, NY

2008 Poncho IFA awards of merit- “Best of Show”-Sculpture/3-D Mixed Media

2007 Poncho IFA awards of merit-”Best of Show”-Sculpture/3-D Mixed Media

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Method Gallery, Chaos Pattern Emergence, Seattle, WA

2014 Roc La Rue, Indeterminate Apotheosis, Seattle, WA

2013 Roc La Rue, Dissymmetry, Seattle, WA

2010 The Sacred and Profane, Seattle, WA

2009 Biosphere, Gallery IMA, Seattle, WA

2008 Oceana, Gallery IMA,Seattle, WA

2007 Structuralism, Viveza Art Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2006 Turn Of A Crank, Viveza Art Gallery, Seattle, WA 


2019 /’feng(k)SH(e)n/, Cornish College, Seattle, WA

2018 A Way With Words: The Power and Art of the Book, Children’s Museum of Art, New York, NY

2018 Out of the Box, Method Gallery, Seattle, WA

2018 Lush Life 6, Roq La Rue, Seattle, WA

2018 Saint Genet: Like Shapes in Dreams, WUK, Viena, Austria*

2017 Out of sight, Seattle, WA

2016 Metalmorphosis, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA

2016 Frail Affinities, Kunsthalle, Krems Austria*

2015 Out of Sight, King Street Station, Seattle, WA

2015 Genius, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA*

2015 Unhinged: Book Art on the cutting edge, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA

2014 Boxes of Death, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle

2014 Adaptation, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Kalamazoo, MI

2014 Paradisiacal Rites, Saint Genet Collective, Luminato Festival, Toronto, Canada*

2014 Adaptation, Birmingham Bloomfield Arts Center, Birmingham MI

2014 Boundless, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa AZ

2013 "The Obsessive Unknown Origins Of Grotesque Irregularity" LxWxH, Seattle, WA

2013 Paradisiacal Rites, Saint Genet Collective, On The Boards, Seattle, WA*

2013 SAM Gallery, Introductions, Seattle, WA

2013 Kinesthetics: Art Imitating Life, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, NY

2011 Transports of Delirium, Saint Genet Collective, Seattle, WA*

2011 Prey, Winston Wachter, Seattle, WA

2011 "Looking Forward-Looking Back"  Woodside/Braseth 50th Anniversary, Seattle, WA

2011 Watermill Quintet-Robert Wilson Curates New Performances, Guggenheim, New York, NY*

2010 The Dorothy K. Yes and More and Yes and Yes and Why, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA*

2010 The Dorothy K. II, Vienna, Austria*

2009 Drawn Hung and Quartered, Cornish College, Seattle, WA 

2009 Poncho 8th Annual Invitational Fine Art Auction, Seattle, WA

2009 The Dorothy K., New Island Festival, New York, NY*

2009 Book Borrowers, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA

2008 Artist Trust, Tieton Summer Solstice: Arts Unbound, Yakama, WA

2008 Poncho 7th Annual Invitational Fine Art Auction, Seattle, WA

2008 Artist Trust, Artist Trust Benefit Art Auction, Seattle, WA

2007 Sculpture Alumni Exhibition, Cornish College, Seattle, WA

2007 The Aesthetic of Complexity, Viveza Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007 Inter Species Communication, Fair Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007 Poncho 6th Annual Invitational Fine Art Auction, Seattle, WA

2006 Fred Hutchinson Cornish BFA Art on Loan Program, Seattle, WA

2006 Cornish College of the Arts BFA Show, Seattle, WA

2006 Emerging Artist Show, D’Adamo/Woltz Gallery, Seattle, WA

2006 Shard, Center On Contemporary Arts (CoCA), Seattle, WA

2005 Humanist Show, Ace Gallery, Seattle, WA