The Sacred and Profane

Inspired by a CS Lewis quote from the book "Perelandra"

"It seemed to be woven out of the intertwining undulation of many cords or bands of light, leaping over and under one another and mutually embraced in arabesques and flower-like subtleties. Each figure as he looked at it became the master-figure or focus of the whole spectacle, by means of which his eye disentangled all else and brought it into unity—only to be itself entangled when he looked to what he had taken for mere marginal decorations and found that there also the same hegemony was claimed, and the claim made good, yet the former pattern thereby disposed but finding in its new subordination a significance greater than that which it had abdicated. "


 The White Series

These are 12 kinetic works depicting the evolution of my "Bling Bling" micro-ecologies.  Each piece represents a small floating environment evolving on the back of cultural detritus; fans, plastics, jewelry, and various toys are utilized.  I was inspired by the horror of the Pacific Gyre, Daniel Burd's plastic eating bacteria, and the the unique properties of Chemosynthesis.




These 9 kinetic works manifest the visual and lyrical properties of two opposing ecosystems, garden environments and coral reefs. 
The scientific etchings of Ernst Haeckel, best know for his book "Art forms in Nature," greatly informed the visual tone of this series. It started with an investigation into the simplest forms of life and ended in a technical quagmire of music theory.



"and they were all caught in something larger than themselves"

This piece was constructed as a site specific installation for a Cornish alumni exhibition.  The title is derived from the book "The Grapes of Wrath." 




Five works in order of appearance: Law of Karma, Dick and Jane Have a New Game, Drawing from the Self, Green Pastures, and Dystopia



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