artist statement

With any kinetic object, specific laws are needed to produce a functioning structure, and as with this rule there is a similar parallel to the structural relationship between text and visual art. Each must follow determined laws of interdependence. To produce a truth-seeming version of realty (cohesive mental structure) the mind produces symbols categorized as expansive narratives from shared experiences. Each narrative in its own right possesses a semiotic relationship to written and visual vocabulary, which should be thought of as nothing more then a group of signs inter-changeable with real life experiences. This interchange exists as a cohesive framework allowing one symbol to substitute another. In art and in literature 'reality' is composed of these coded semiotic relations. My work confronts these structural relationships and departs from the readily available patterns of literature, art, mechanics and mathematical notion. By fusing the signing systems of each of these 'vocabularies' a new vision of 'reality' is expressed. It is my hope that through participation and critical analysis each work creates a new symbol to a more expansive sphere of thought.

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